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Welcome to World Prep®, a leading supplier of top quality products to insure your personal safety
when disaster or emergency strikes. We offer the largest variety of Safety Kits, such as our
Personal Evacuation Kit I (PEK I) and our ES Auto Safety Kit, to assist you in your time of need.

Our extensive line of safety and emergency preparedness products come entirely pre-assembled and ready for use. We have designed our kits based upon the real-life experience of our professional staff
and in conjunction with the Special Forces community. World Prep® carries supplies and complete kits to assist during: an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire, flood, winter storm, or man-made crisis such as a blackout, accident, or terrorist attack.

Natural and man-made disasters are unexpected and unavoidable. Being prepared with emergency
items beforehand and quick response afterwards are the only way to reduce casualties.

You can now order Kit Replenishments for your World Prep® Safety Kit.

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For all your safety and emergency preparedness needs,
contact our professional staff at(419)843-3869.
Available Monday-Friday, 8-5pm EST.
Customizing, Private Labeling, and Quantity Discounts Available!

Kits are assembled in Sylvania, Ohio.

Tornadoe Safety Tips

disaster clean up

At the request of many different School Districts, World Prep® is developing Kits for
Active Shooter Senerios.
These Kits contain many common items suggested by most Law Enforcement, Fire/Safety and
private organizations.
The Kits can be customized to fit senerio based programs being adopted by many Districts.

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When a natural disaster strikes, will you be prepared?
We have compiled a few tips that could help save your life should you encounter an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc.
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In 1999, World Prep, was created to help ensure emergency preparedness at home, at work and at play. This mission was accomplished by collaborating with mulitple branches of law enforcement and special operations...
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In an effort to improve our safety kits and develop new kits we encourage any comments or suggestions that you may have. Click here to send a question or comment.
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