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How Our Kits Are Designed

Using the past experience of marine patrol law enforcement, various search and rescue operations, a Navy SEAL, and other experts,
World Prep® has also employed their expertise in their fields to develop these kits.
Our philosophy is:
We won't sell products that portray a false sense of security. That is why World Prep® uses only premium products in all of our kits.
When you purchase a World Prep® Safety Kit, you can rest assured that you are buying the best. That is how we can stand behind our motto,
"Meeting People's Need In Their Time Of Need!"

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Bush Pilot Survival VestBush Pilot Survival Vest

Without a doubt, Bush Pilots have chosen a very dangerous occupation. Because of the nature of their work, flying into and out of remote locations, many times in less than ideal weather conditions, it is paramount that they equip themselves with the needed items to survive should they have a crash landing or experience equipment failure with the aircraft.

All too often, these events occur in extremely remote locations, where the odds of a quick rescue are rare. That is why World Prepฎ has developed the Bush Pilot Survival Vest. Designed to assist during these types of situations, the vest contains items that provide: food, water, heat protection, first aid gear, illumination as well as signaling equipment.

(Weight ~ 10 lbs)

Bush Pilot Survival Vest
Qty: Price: $147.00

Bush Pilot Survival Vest

Kit Includes 68 Items
Durable, High Visibility Nylon Vest; One Size Fits Most

• Strobe Light
• 1 Glow Stick (12 Hours Continuous Glow)
• Signal Mirror
• High Intensity Whistle (World's Loudest)
• Lock Back Knife
• Rain Poncho
• Magnesium Fire Starter
• 1 Thermal Blanket (Retains 90% of Body Heat)
• 1 Aluminum Flashlight (Batteries Included)
• 1 Food Bar (2400 Calories)
• 2 Packets of Purified Drinking Water (4.225 oz. Per Package)
• 42 Piece First Aid Kit
• 1 Pair of Non-Latex Gloves
• 50' of Floating Line (Contained on back of vest)

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