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How Our Kits Are Designed

Using the past experience of marine patrol law enforcement, various search and rescue operations, a Navy SEAL, and other experts, World Prep® has also employed their expertise in their fields to develop these kits.
Our philosophy is: we won't sell products that portray a false sense of security. That is why World Prep® uses only premium products in all of our kits.
When you purchase a World Prep® Safety Kit, you can rest assured that you are buying the best. That is how we can stand behind our motto,"Meeting People's Need In Their Time Of Need!"

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Snowmobiler’s Safety KitSnowmobiler’s Safety Kit

Designed to assist snowmobiler's while on the trail and are either involved in an emergency, or come upon one. Many snowmobile trails are extremely distant from any towns, thus reducing your chances of being rescued quickly, or walking to safety in a short time frame. That is why it is vital to be prepared, and that is where World Prep®’s Snowmobiler’s Safety Kit can help.

With practicality and compactness as paramount, this kit is durable, highly visible, (extremely important during an emergency) and contains many essential survival items to assist should you find yourself in an unpredictable situation. The kit contains items to assist with: Heat Protection, Signaling, and Illumination.

Don’t take chances when on the trails, make sure to take along your World Prep® Snowmobiler’s Safety Kit.

(Weight ~ 3.00 lbs)

Snowmobiler's Safety Kit
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Snowmobiler’s Safety Kit

Kit Includes 58 Items
Durable, High Visibility Nylon Case

• 1 Thermal Blanket (Retains 90% of Body Heat)
• 42-Piece First Aid Kit
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• 1 Pair of Non-Latex Gloves
• 1 Safety Whistle (4 in 1)
• 1 High Visibility Safety Vest
• 1 Flashlight (Batteries Included)
• 2 Green Light Sticks (12 Hours Continuous Glow Each)
• 1 Emergency Strobe
• 1 Utility Tool (12 Tools in 1)
• 1 Magnesium Fire Starter
• 2 Hand Warmers
• 1 Wire Saw
• 1 Signal Mirror

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